Leah’s Dream is a 501C3 nonprofit that will sponsor education and community development for young women in Northern Ghana through financial and mentoring support.

In order to carry on Leah's legacy of compassion, leadership, academic excellence, and a spirit of giving, the Leah K. Horowitz Afafanto Scholarship will sponsor promising young women from Northern Ghana so that they can continue their education through secondary school. It is hoped that these special young women will gain the knowledge and skills that they need to empower and improve the lives of women and children in their communities.

Contact Us

Sandee Mandel, Executive Director US 501c3

Phone: 610-331-3825
Address: 910 Greenwich St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Sandee Mandel is Leah K. Horowitz's mother. She founded Leah's Dream as a way to carry on her daughter's vision and to honor her memory.

Emelia Guo, Executive Director Ghana NGO

Emelia Guo is currently a research fellow and lecturer with the University for Development Studies in West Africa. Emilia is currently undertaking a PhD in Endogenous Development Studies. She is married and blessed with a little girl. She has a degree in Agriculture Technology and an MPhil in Agricultural Administration.